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Full Stack Developer from San Diego, CA

Hi, my name is Danny Romero.

I am a full stack developer new to San Diego. I come from a background in Higher Education, but I took the initiative to transform my hobby: coding and web design into a future career. For the last nine months, I have been self-studying the fundamentals of web programming and for the last three months, I’ve finetuned my knowledge at LEARN Academy, a full-stack web development boot camp in San Diego. With their help, I am ready to make the leap into the full-stack world.

When I am not coding, I am out enjoying nature, specifically the beach! Living in San Diego, I am truly blessed to have so many beautiful beaches to choose from. I also enjoy keeping my mind and body healthy by working out and (trying) to eat healthy new foods!

I have currently worked on projects using JavaScript, React, Ruby, React.js on Rails, Node.js, and PostgreSQL. These projects have introduced me to the world of front-end development and creating dynamic and beautiful pages. I have also gotten hands-on experience creating back-end apps that are able to securely handle data. These apps have given me insight into how fun and unique programming can be.

If you would like to get a sense of my projects, look below! If you’d like to connect, please shoot me an email at fdromero32@gmail.com or connect with me using one of my socials :)

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